The LDMF Foundation provides experiential gamified education programs for which the PTT Education method is utilized. All learning programs provide a foundation in PTT Know How, Methods, Tools. PTT Internship Program follows a work-study modality contract.

Students learn online, along full days or weekends trainings, and by participating and taking responsibility roles in research projects, fundraising or services projects.

There are 6 possibilities to enroll (apply for the internship):

  • Volunteer: Complete tasks, earn points, gift certificates, and trade them for courses.
  • Internship: After volunteer cycle, candidates to internship may become eligible for a season trail in one of the 9+ internship programs. Each program offers PTT User Certification specialized in a particular field. Trainers, coaches, project management, consultant certificates are provided.
  • Project Team Member: Qualified interns with the necessary experience, skills, PTT Rank & PTT Certification, may apply for a role position in a project (Research, services, fundraising). Team members enjoy from a continues experiential and gamified training. Additional certificates are provided: Management Assistant, Leadership, PTT License.
  • Modules, Experiential gamified trainings online, outdoors or indoors (The Netherlands), full day or weekends; are provided to organizations or professionals interested in our courses. (REF: Experiential Gamified Presentations). Students receive points and after completion of a set of tasks and reaching a number of points, if eligible, are welcome to ask for an evaluation, rank and internship role.
  • Scholarship –  Coaching School : Candidates, after evaluation training, may become eligible for a scholarship (for the LDMF Foundation Coaching School). Which provided 9 levels of certification, and which is integrated to the internship programs (9+ Specializations).
  • PTT School: Focus on Primordial Technology Theta, Provides training on PTT Know How, and mostly is dedicated to provide training to candidates to a PTT Certificate, PTT License & PTT Standard. An Internship Program specialized in PTT is provided.

Volunteer – Internship Programs

Scholarship & Fellowship Program 2017

  • The Scholarship / Fellowship program offers through a complete training program certification in 9 levels of expertise.
  • An experiential learning process which includes volunteer, internship, application in the field, responsibility roles at LMDF Foundation projects, leadership and project management.
  • Candidates need to be eveluated, if eligible for the eveluation process will start with volunteer and training online, later at location The Netherlands.